Choosing A Crematory

Questions to consider when  choosing  a Crematory:

  1. Is the cremation facility clean, neat,  and orderly?
  2. Does the cremation facility have 24-hour cameras which secure your loved one?
  3. Is the cremation facility open to inspection by the general public?
  4. Does the cremation facility offer witness cremation?
  5. Are the policies and procedures for the crematory facility available to the public?
  6. Is the Crematory License current?
  7. Is the Crematory Manager’s License current?
  8. Does the crematory facility allow you to review the past inspection by the state?
  9. Is the cremation facility a member of a professional industry association such as Cremation Association of North America and/or Association of California Cremationists?
  10. Are all of the crematory operators certified to operate the machines?
  11. Does the crematory facility allow you to receive your loved one’s cremains to take home with you the same day of the cremation or within twenty five minutes after the cremation is completed?